Our Road Map


  • Confirm design for mint

  • Confirm mint date 

  • Create discord and another social account

  • Whitelist 500 members


  • Verified holders get access to the Holders Club

  • Verified holders giveaway's begin

  • First round dividends get paid out to holders


  • Presale & Public Mint

  • List on the secondary market Magic Eden

  • List on Grape verification website

  • Rarity listed


  • Development of Gen 2 launch 

  • Special airdrops to Martian holders

  • Holders discussion on Breeding and Staking implementation

Future & Progress

The Martian Collective, much like a dwarf planet, has a lot of growing to do. We aim to turn our holders club into a DAO as well as Generation 2 being breedable and stakeable. Until then, we are excited to welcome you on this voyage and thank you for your support. See you at lift off!