Meet The team

Psy | Dev

TMC Solana Developer

Hey everyone, I'm the lead Software Dev on this project.  I'm new to blockchain technology and have had a lot of fun learning how to utilize it. My software engineering experience outside of blockchain tech is stretched. I previously worked as an API Portal Manager for a recruitment forum. Before that, I was a PM Admin for a government branch that overlooked the management of sectors such as Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Timber and wood processing, Food and Beverage, etc...
Before that, I was a barista. Funny how things work out sometimes

I would have never pictured my career path would look anything like this when I was younger. In my early years, my dreams were all music-related. As far back as I can remember I  was playing piano with my mum, who was the keyboardist for her youth band, and my father who was the band's singer. Safe to say that music runs in the family. So I grew up playing keys. I spent most of my early life teaching myself and learning from my family. It wasn't till high school that I was classically trained. The lessons bored me. Inevitably this pushed me towards the digital side of music.
I started to learn how to use DAWS and produce new music that interested me like techno and house. I was even a DJ for a while but we won't dive into that. 

As for this project. We're all just close friends that saw a great opportunity to put our talents together towards something meaningful. I'm very excited about the project. I wake up every day to make it the best project on the chain.  We all do. 

-Elijah McFarlane

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Salty | Dev

TMC Marketing & Self Pro-claimed NFT expert

Hey name is Ben King or better known as Salty in server, I am 30 years old and reside in Queensland Australia, I am very keen on the crypto space and especially NFTs as I am a keen collector of lots of collectibles since I was young such as, Coins, Pokémon and basketball cards, so the passion for me with NFTs comes naturally and I truly enjoy being involved in this space.


I am very driven with The Martian Collective and will do everything I can to make it a success. I’m not afraid of hard work as I am a carpenter by trade and work away from home for months at a time, so the work put into this project for me is enjoyable and something I’m passionate about, outside of work I am and easy going guy who enjoys a laugh and taking the mickey. Cheers for reading.
-Ben King

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Wojepe | Artist 

TMC Artist & creator of the "Martian" collection 

Who am I?, I'm just another guy trying to navigate the wild world we find ourselves in, The Martian collection was inspired by my "high-school sketchbook mascot". 
An alien I used to draw in all my books, I was always told "you're skinny and have a big head", I even got given the nickname "Alien" so... 
I can relate to the little green men from the stars in a way. So to all my fellow "outsiders", I dedicate this project to you, you're not alone. 

They were also inspired heavily by my love for sci-fi and childhood games such as "Destroy All Humans" on the PS2. Anyone familiar would see the uncanny resemblance between the Martians and "Cryptosporidium" my favorite Furon invader. 

So in a few ways, The Martian Collective has been in the works for longer than I ever realized. Until the rise of "NFT culture".

Officially I have no skills in this field outside of the natural talent I was given with a pen & paper. Even making these creatures digitally has been a learning process for me, but a greatly enjoyable one. 

This has given me the chance to express my talent and work with close friends and family on a project we can all pour passion into and maybe benefit from, if not, at least we had some fun along the way.

This also can be a way to give something back. with most of the royalties being given back to holders I hope in some small way we can help others to try to pursue the things they love and enjoy, I'm a supporter of universal income and a fair and equal shot for all, and part of me truly believes that maybe "passive income" from NTFs is a way we can have that.

-Sam King


Emski | Artist

TMC Artist & Editor

Hi I’m Emski, an art school drop out and Eeyore in human form. I love cooking, crafts and all things weird. Cousin of Wojepe: when we were youngins we would sit at our Nanna’s kitchen bench with our sketchbooks, eating cheese sangas, designing ant civilisations and taking the piss out of each other in the form of drawings. When he asked me to join TMC as an artist I was keen to jump on board. Okay now ta ta ba bye.

-Em King


Nathan T | Artist

Nathan T TMC Artist & Creative Design

Hello there, you are reading about me, one of the Martian Collective artists.

I'm Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Drawing all over the furniture and tables brought great joy to a smiling little blonde kid in my earliest days on this planet. During class, I found myself scribbling cartoons while barely listening to the teacher, although getting creative with a pen, pencil, and paper wasn't all my focus throughout life. I left school early to adventure and experience life.

Construction took my interest. Learning how to work in different trades, operate cohesively with one another, and finish a big project. The architecture and natural feeling of learning something you have never seen before, to share with the community or family, interested me. After several years I had done many different trades. But I always lost that motivation because these occupations become repetitive and mind-numbing. I have always enjoyed action sports. Shredding Pow with my friends. Watching new films, watching someone progress or when one of your favorite athletes is hanging ten in the surf, reaching new heights in the woods on some dirt tracks, or launching down a chute in Alaska brings some crazy feeling that we humans are truly awesome. Cowabunga dude.

I am 25 years young and I am excited to share my art form with you all. You are always welcome to enter my mind.


-Nathan Triandafillou

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If you have a question or would like to touch base with the team, we are available via the Twitter and Discord links below. We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

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